Online beer petition ready for signing by Pontotoc County residents

By Regina Butler/Pontotoc Progress

Citing a need for an online petition because it can’t be thrown away, two young women have created an online spot to sign in support of beer and alcohol sales.

“We would like to have people start signing the petition now so that we will have a chance to get it onto the ballot for the next election,” said Danielle Williams who created the Web sites with her cousin.

“We thought it was unfair that opponents of beer and alcohol sales infringed on our rights by stealing the hand signed petitions from the gas stations and wanted to do something to prevent it from happening again.”

Williams said she thinks beer and alcohol sales “will be good for Pontotoc. It will help pay for roads and jobs. I think restaurants will come in.

“We need the money and we need the jobs,” said the 25-year-old city resident.

“We heard that New Albany was able to get the issue on their ballots because the citizens there had set up a web petition.

“So we took initiative and created one ourselves as well as a Facebook page to try to gain support for the issue,” Williams said.

Click here to visit and they also have a group of Facebook.

To sign the petition go to the petitions site and “complete the fields and write a comment if you like.”

Even though Williams is a city resident, she has generated the petition to be signed by residents county wide.

“Right now all we have is 19 signatures.”

Williams said she has not talked with Larry Mathis, who started the original petition some two months ago, so she doesn’t know how many signatures he has been able to gather.

Williams said she started this initiative because she believes it is time that folks in Pontotoc take action on something.

“We slipped up on Ole Miss years ago, this is something we should not be overlooking.

“It should not be held back from us because of religious preferences, but be here because it will benefit us. Even Jesus drank wine so it couldn’t be all that bad.”

Williams welcomed phone calls and asked for help in getting the word out to anyone who wants to sign the petition in this manner.

“We would really appreciate some help in getting the word out to as many Pontotoc citizens as possible.

“My phone number is 662.489.6221 if anyone would like to get in contact with me for any reason concerning either of the sites.”