CATEGORY: Monroe County



Orleana was built in 1865 by Henry Roberts and his wife, Adelle, who lived in the home until their deaths. Their daughter, Adelle, lived in the home but later moved away after her marriage. Adelle and her husband, Zachery Ferguson, had two children – Orlean and Walter Ferguson. Adelle Ferguson died after giving birth to Walter. Orlean and Walter then went to live with the Roberts. The home was passed down to Orlean’s son, Adam Carlisle, who is the current owner.

Orleana originally had four rooms and a dog trot down the center. It was later renovated by family members and additional rooms were added, including the kitchen.

Much of the original clothing, furniture and papers remains in the home. Some of the original clothing includes a wedding dress with matching shoes and necklace; a mourning gown worn by Adelle Roberts when her daughter died; and children’s clothing and matching shoes.

Also original to the home are several pieces of china and crystal, brass cornices over windows in the formal living room and dining room made in Prairie during the late 1800s, and an unusual collection of walking sticks.

The home has been open in the past on pilgrimage tours.

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