Oxford allows bow hunting for pesky deer

OXFORD — It’s deer season in the city of Oxford.

Residents have complained for years that deer tear up their gardens and landscapes.

“With so many people on their scooters and riding bikes now, it is a matter of time before we have a tragedy,” Mayor Pat Patterson said.

He met Friday with about 20 local hunters he chose to go after the deer.

The city’s state bow-hunting permit runs through Oct. 7, he said.

“This ain’t a trophy hunt,” said Bruce Jenkins, a law enforcement officer for Department of Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks. “Shoot whatever comes by — babies, mamas. The hunt is on a permit issued by the state, so we are not here to hunt horn; we are just here to kill deer and that’s it.”

This week, they’re limited to city property and to the Grand Oaks area, which has given permission for the hunts.

Hunting won’t be allowed on any public park, but is allowed on any other city property and some university land.

The owner’s written permission is needed to hunt on any private property.

Hunters use their own equipment and must tally the number of deer they kill.

Each hunter got a card showing he or she can hunting in the city.

The hunters may either take the carcasses or have them picked up by the city. One hunter offered to tenderize some of the meat and donate it to a local charity.

The Associated Press

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