Oxford approves budget of $22.8M for Fiscal Year 2013

By Errol Castens/NEMS Daily Journal

OXFORD – City officials expect to spend $22.8 million during Fiscal Year 2013, which begins Oct. 1, 2012.
The FY 2013 budget is 4.6 percent higher than its predecessor and reflects an expected boost in city revenues without any change to the 25.36 millage rate that has been in place since 2005.
That rate includes 1.02 mills for the Lafayette County-Oxford Library and another 6.03 mills for city bonds.
City ad valorem taxes are separate from school district taxes, which in Oxford and nearby parts of Lafayette County will be 54.48 mills.
Oxford’s biggest expense, as with most municipalities, will be salaries, wages and benefits, which will consume some 63 percent of the budget.
Capital outlays will take 11 percent, supplies will cost 8 percent and other services and charges will require 18 percent.
The police and fire departments again will have the largest shares of the budget, some $4.69 million and $3.60 million respectively, followed by Sanitation/Recycling with $3.06 million, Streets with $2.31 million and General Government with $2.26 million.
Oxford Park Commission is allotted $1.52 million. FNC Park, the city-county sportsplex, is budgeted separately at $1 million.
The smallest departmental slice of the pie chart is Emergency Management, which will spend nearly $136,000.
Sales tax is estimated to provide the biggest portion of the city’s revenues, at $6.68 million, followed by ad valorem tax at $5.29 million.
Governmental services will provide an estimated $3.28 million from fees.
Mayor Pat Patterson has repeatedly noted that despite a tough economy in recent years, Oxford has managed its money carefully.
“We’re in much better financial shape than most cities,” he said.

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