Oxford sets park gun restrictions

Oxford StockOXFORD (AP) — The Oxford Park Commission has voted to put up signs indicating that guns are not allowed at Oxford’s parks and activity centers.

Deputy Director Bubba Robinson told the commission that guns have dropped out of bags in the Oxford Activity Center in the past. Robinson said he believes it’s time for the commission to restrict firearms from city recreational areas.

The vote came during a meeting last week.

City Attorney Paul Watkins said public parks are one of the few areas where firearms can be restricted under the state open carry law.

However, The Oxford Eagle reports that Watkins said a few questions remain, such as whether concealed or enhanced concealed permit holders are subject to regulation. Watkins said an Attorney General’s opinion was pending on those issues.

  • Americasgone

    I am sure the thugs will obey your silly sign.

  • Beauregard Rippy

    Is the Park Commission going to provide armed guards to protect park visitors? If not, ban the restrictions! Park Commission’s idiotic restrictions endanger citizens.

  • Jack Makokov

    An overreaction from the OPC, but it would appear that they’re trying to avoid potential lawsuits. Plausible deniability, I suppose. Screech about the OPC taking your rights away and “idiotic restrictions,” but this wouldn’t even be an issue if gun owners were responsible with their weapons. Another case of dumb people ruining things for everyone else, as cited by the parks commission’s examples.

    If you’re bringing a firearm to adult swim class, you probably need to reassess some things in your life. Why would the parks and activity centers need armed guards when they haven’t had them before? I think the activity center has security; police and sheriff’s department patrol the parks and activity center during park hours.