Oxford to look at traffic calming proposal

By The Associated Press

OXFORD — The Oxford Board of Aldermen expects to get a first look at a proposed traffic control ordinance when it meets April 16.

The board this week asked the Oxford Pathways Commission to come up with a traffic calming policy for the city.

The Oxford Eagle reports that Assistant City Engineer Reanna Mayoral has presented a draft proposal to the Pathways Commission for consideration when it meets in April.

Mayoral said the draft outlines a process people will to get their streets considered for traffic calming measures, such as speed bumps, and how the city will determine what, if anything, should be done.

Only local, neighborhood roads will be considered — not main thoroughfares.

Mayoral said some neighborhoods are concerned with the volume of vehicles on their roads. To be considered a problem, a street will need to have a minimum of 1,000 vehicles per day to be eligible for traffic calming.

For neighborhoods that are concerned about speeders, she said it must be determined that 85 percent of users on the road are exceeding the established speed limit by at least 7 mph.

The Public Works Department will conduct traffic studies to determine the speed and volume on each road. If a valid traffic issue is found. Public Works will deal with each road on a first-come basis.

“We felt it was the fairest way to deal with it,” Mayoral said. “There’s no way we could track which street came to a city official first. Some have been trying to get this done for several years. Filling out the application is a good way to start over and go from there. It gives us a formal process.”

Mayoral said initially the city will deal with problems with radar speed trailer deployments, traffic enforcement actions, traffic signing and pavement markers, curb extensions and chokers and traffic circles.

If that doesn’t work, she said, the city may install speed humps, median entry/exit islands and one-way chokers, half closures or semi-diverters.

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