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Quitting smoking takes planning, help

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By The Associated Press

Trying to quit smoking? Experts offer these tips:

Get support. Tell family and friends that you are going to quit smoking; ask them not to smoke around you or to quit with you.

Set a quit date, allowing time to prepare. List your reasons for quitting and put the list where you will see it often. Think about situations when you use tobacco and avoid such triggers or cues.

Keep busy on your quit day. Change your routine; plan enjoyable activities. Avoid alcohol because it can weaken your resolve.

Replace cigarettes with gum, cinnamon sticks, suckers, toothpicks or low-calorie snacks like carrots, celery and apples wedges.

Throw out things that remind you of smoking cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays.

Start an exercise program. Sports and recreation take your mind off urges and improve health.

Give yourself a financial incentive. Put money you would have spent on tobacco in a jar and watch the savings grow.

Source: University of Wisconsin Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention.