Parents, Amory schools settle drug-test lawsuit

djournal-Court-News2By Patsy R. Brumfield

Daily Journal

AMORY – A lawsuit over Amory Public Schools’ student drug testing was settled recently, attorneys for both sides confirm.

Last June, the parents of a 13-year-old female sued the schools with claims she was wrongly identified as positive for using crystal methamphetamine.

A federal judge granted them a temporary restraining order on the girl’s suspension from athletics and ordered her immediate re-testing.

Jamie Franks of Tupelo, who represented the parents and their daughter, said he was pleased with the resolution of the complaint.

“It’s something everybody can live with,” Franks said. “We hope this will get their attention as far as their drug testing goes.”

With the district, co-defendants were school board members and Advanced Screening Solutions LLC, which handled test analysis.

The parents’ names were not used in the federal action because it immediately would identify the minor daughter. On the lawsuit, they were identified as “T.P. and C.H.” parents of “G.H.”

In their motions to the court, they insisted their daughter had “never used or been exposed to” crystal meth.

They complained their daughter was denied her rights to due process and security against unreasonable searches when she was selected for testing under the school’s policy of random checks for extracurricular activity participants.

Brad Dillard of Tupelo, who represented the defendants, said he could not comment directly about the lawsuit’s outcome, but noted “the case was resolved to the mutual satisfaction of all parties involved.”

It officially was dismissed Monday by U.S. District Chief Judge Michael P. Mills.

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