Parents question parking fee at Kossuth schools

Education stockBy Lena Mitchell
Daily Journal Corinth Bureau

CORINTH – Parents concerned about an increase in the parking fee at the Kossuth school campus posed questions to the Alcorn County school board at Monday’s regular meeting.

Lori Rico said she had been asked by other parents to speak to the board about why the fee was raised from $3 to $10 this year and also why the permit is now a permanent sticker rather than the portable hanging tag that could be used if a student drove different family vehicles.

Kossuth Principal Matt Smith said the permanent sticker was instituted so that when a vehicle is registered to park on campus, documentation can be put on file in the administration office showing the vehicle is properly registered and insured.

A student who drives another vehicle temporarily need only take proof of insurance and registration to the principal’s office on the day the car is driven to receive parking permission at no additional charge.

The change, Smith said, was prompted by two motor vehicle accidents on the campus last year in which at least one of the vehicles involved was not properly insured. Using a permanently affixed permit sticker gives administration the assurance the permit cannot be transferred to another vehicle that is not properly insured.

The higher fee helps pay for security, restriping parking spaces and parking lot maintenance.

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