Part Three: Chief Henry Randle addresses the situation in Aberdeen

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ABERDEEN – Although the focus on drugs in Monroe County has been crystal meth, Aberdeen Police Chief Henry Randle said his officers doe not see a lot of meth in the City of Aberdeen.
amp”We don’t see that much meth in Aberdeen,amp” Randle said. amp”People need a lot of room to make and manufacture meth because of the strong smell it has – it’s not something people can just do with a neighbor next door. That’s why you see more arrests for it in the county – people like to make it in isolated places.amp”
According to Randle, there are other illegal narcotics on the rise in Aberdeen.
amp”We see a lot of marijuana and cocaine,amp” he said. amp”We actually see more marijuana than anything. We have seized a lot of cars recently in connection with drug arrests and I feel like we will be making some more busts in the near future. Right now, I feel like we have a grip on the drug problem. But with summer coming up, we have to up our efforts or it could get out of hand in a hurry.amp”
Randle said that he and his department are willing to do anything to help someone that is dealing with addiction problems.
amp”We will do anything we can to help families that have family members who are addicts,amp” he said. amp”We hate to send anyone away, but sometimes, that is the only way someone can get help. I’m willing to do anything to help people get off of drugs and have harsher penalties for dealers.

Jeff Clark

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