PATSY R. BRUMFIELD: Why can't those guys just behave?

By Patsy R. Brumfield/NEMS Daily Journal

Let’s see what’s swirling around for mid-June: 1. Rep. Anthony Weiner – Sorry, this is one story that just keeps on giving.
Frankly, when you’re born with a surname like that, your mother should constantly remind you not to do anything to draw undue attention to yourself, especially anything sexually embarrassing.
This guy just doesn’t know when to shut up, electronically or otherwise.
He joins a long list of insecure males who apparently believe that female conquest reinforces their manhood.
Look at The Governator, Bill Clinton, Jesse James, John Edwards, etc. etc.
Psychologists say this is all about the chase, and once the conquest/contact occurs, the fun is over. They’ll also say that the allure of discovery apparently makes this all the more exciting.
Go figure. Mr. Weiner needs to take his troubles to the house, not the U.S. House.
I’m sure the nighttime talk show hosts can find something else to joke about.
Speaking of, will we have any sex scandals in this year’s statewide campaigns?
Guess I’m going to have to start asking all the candidates about their familial integrity. That should make for some interesting conversations in our Editorial Board meetings.
2. Discussions about raising the national debt ceiling are not going unnoticed by “young” senior citizens like me.
I appreciate our Congress’ concerns about cutting government spending. That should always be a goal worth carrying through.
But people, a lot of us are just a few years away, theoretically, from retirement.
Two years ago, I saw my 401K slammed out of about 30 percent of its worth, and it’s just finally coming back. And now, some politicians want to jeopardize what’s left of it by threatening action that could set off a global financial tumult?
Which one of our federal lawmakers should I consider moving in with, when my retirement account goes south?
That threat should be enough to keep some of them awake at least one night!
3. Do not laugh, if you ride by my garden and see random butternut squash hanging in my former hosiery from an anti-squirrel mesh fence.
This butternut squash crop is something new, and I’m trying to figure it out as I go along. What I do know is that the melon/squash patch is running amok.
While my yellow squash are looking droopy and my zucchini can’t figure out which sex it needs to be, the butternuts are big and striped green.
Ultimately, my garden books say, they will turn a buff color and the leaves will turn yellow.
Then, I’m to cut their stems at least 2 inches long and allow them to “cure” in the sunshine for a week.
Meanwhile, the cantaloupes are coming along although they’re a little smaller than I’d hoped. And the watermelons are growing off the mesh fence, too.
I’m gonna need some Shaq-sized hosiery for them, if gravity doesn’t get them first.
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