Peanut supply company to open in Prairie

ABERDEEN – Brian Atkins of Birdsong Peanut announced to both the Aberdeen Board of Aldermen and the Monroe County Board of Supervisors that a new company, Mississippi Peanut Equipment and Supply, would like to open a facility at the industrial park in Prairie.
The industrial park is owned by both the City of Aberdeen and Monroe County.
At the October 6 Board of Aldermen meeting, Atkins requested that the company be able to lease the building for a two-year term.
“Mississippi Peanut Equipment and Supply Company wants to lease the building for two years,” Atkins said. “We would make some capital improvements in the building and we will be selling equipment and supplies for the entire state.”
The board voted unanimously to lease the building after a suggestion from Mayor Jim Ballard.
At the October 9 meeting of the Monroe County Board of Supervisors, County Administrator Sonny Clay said the company wanted a two-year lease with an option to purchase the building at the end of the two-year period.
“The company has requested a two-year lease with an option to buy based on an appraised value at that time,” Clay said.
Although the board was quick to give the company a two-year lease agreement, some board members voiced concerns over the buy-out option.
“We have 27 more acres of land there, so we want to make sure that the land is accessible and selling the building may not be the best thing at this time,” Board President Randle Gray said. “I think we need to look at it from an objective standpoint.”
District 2 Supervisor Billy Kirkpatrick also voiced his concerns on selling the building.
“I’m not saying we wouldn’t sell it, but we will just have to look at it two years from now,” Kirkpatrick said. “We may have some more industry coming in on the other 27 acres in two years.”
Clay said he didn’t think leaving the buy-out option open would be a deal breaker for the company.

Jeff Clark/Monroe Journal

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