Pedestrian struck, killed on Highway 78

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TUPELO – A pedestrian was killed late Saturday night when he was struck by a truck on U.S. Highway 78.

According to the Mississippi Highway Patrol, Corbyn Maddox, 22, of Tupelo, appeared to have been walking in the west-bound lane of 78 when he was hit around midnight. The accident occurred at mile marker 94, near the state Highway 371 exit.

Maddox died at the scene.

There does not appear to be any criminal charges at this time on the driver of the truck.

It is unclear why Maddox was walking in the roadway. The accident remains under investigation.

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  • Taylor Boyd Estes

    Corbyn* is how you spell his name. And if he was still here he would have corrected you himself.

  • tm

    Why is the driver not charged? Don’t understand that he sould be and should of been tested for drugs and alochol

    • Cletus Snow

      If the truck was a commercial vehicle, rest assured, the driver was tested on -site by DOT. for drugs as well as alcohol. Log books were also verified, phone records obtained etc… Many times pedestrian/vehicle accidents are unavoidable. People walking a dark stretch of highway late at night aren’t always readily visible, and actually have been known to stumble into the lane of traffic. If charges were warranted, charges would surely have been brought. Just an unfortunate accident, and the driver will forever carry that memory with him/her.

      • tm

        Okay, Mr. Snow but u are incorrect on all above no test done I.can assure u
        U must not know who that was

        • Cletus Snow

          I only know the article said “truck”… As a truck driver myself, I do know that in the event of a fatality involving a commercial vehicle, the driver of said commercial vehicle will be immediately tested for drugs and alcohol, per federal DOT regulations. Neither city, county or state law enforcement has any say in that matter. Now, if it was a pickup truck, that would be a different matter, as federal DOT would not be involved. The article didn’t specify which type of vehicle it was, nor has there been an explanation as to why Mr. Maddox was walking in the middle of the highway in the dark. I can also say, having an immediate family member involved in eerily similar fatal accident a few years ago, that if I weren’t being charged, I wouldn’t want my name released either. Too many crazy people out for revenge, even when there is no valid reason for it. My condolences to the family regarding this most unfortunate accident.

  • colt

    Hammerdown R.I.P BigEasy