Pit Bull forces school lock down in Plantersville

By Press Release

The Plantersville Police Department ordered a lock down of Plantersville Middle School due to a loose vicious pit bull nearby, according to Plantersville Police Chief Maury Schuh.

At about 9:42 am, Plantersville Police responded to a report of a loose pit bull across the street from the Middle School. The dog is known to area residents as being aggressive and it had broken its chain. Witnesses stated the dog had been running loose on the school campus earlier.

The Plantersville Police destroyed the pit bull. The students were in testing today and remained indoors.

The destruction of the animal was not witnessed by any student. It should be noted that the owner of this dog had another pit bull loose on the Middle School campus on May 3rd. This dog was captured without incident by school maintenance workers.

On Apr 17th, Plantersville Police had to destroy two pit bulls after they broke into a house and mauled a Great Dane. A 16-year-old resident managed to escape from the house without injury, but her pet was killed during the attack.

“We have to do something about these pitbulls before someone is killed or seriously injured,” Schuh said. “I was bitten by a pit last year and we had a cow and calf killed by a feral pack of mixed pit bulls last year. Now they are breaking into homes to attack and running loose at our schools. I have asked the Board of Aldermen to consider a vicious dog ordinance.”

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