Planning board OKs Okolona mobile home development

By Chickasaw Journal

OKOLONA – A split vote by the Okolona Planning Commission will send a recommendation to the city council to allow a mobile home development by Dennis “Buster” Darnell.
Planning commission members present at last week’s meeting voted 2-1 in favor of sending the development to the council for approval.
“This is for no more than 15 homes, maybe 12,” Darnell said. “There won’t be anything unsightly or rowdy going on. I live nearby, too.”
Darnell said in addition to hook-up fees, he would charge fees for residents who wanted to fish or take horseback riding lessons. He also plans a convenience store on an adjacent parcel.
“If we can turn the Darnell property from agriculture, which is taxed at pennies; and turn it to real estate and develop it for higher taxes, I’m fine with that,” Chairman Jonathan Carter said.

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