Plantersville hires new code enforcer

PLANTERSVILLE – Mayor Gloria Holland hopes new Code Enforcement Officer Shane Davis will help give the town a boost of beauty and business.
Davis is the town’s first official code enforcement officer and Holland said hiring him was important if the town was going to attract new residents and businesses.
“Beautifying Plantersville has been one of my main goals ever since I was first elected mayor,” said Holland. “Hiring Shane is a step towards doing that. We have certain things we want to see done to make our town more attractive and having someone checking on things on a full-time basis will assure that people are complying with the ordinances.”
Davis, a former building inspector with the Community Development Foundation, said his time with CDF showed him the importance of having an attractive town.
“When businesses come to your town looking to start something new, they don’t go to your industrial park. They go to your downtown area and through your neighborhoods,” Davis said. “They want to see if you care enough about your town for them to move in. That’s why having a code enforcer to make sure you’re on the right track is important.”
Davis said some of his main focuses will be on making sure properties are not overgrown with weeds, taking care of dilapidated houses and keeping the town trash free. He also said he wants to help renters make sure their landlords are doing their part in keeping things attractive.
Town pride is the one thing Holland said Davis can bring to everyone.
“Everyone wants to live in a nice clean town,” she said. “Shane will help us to do that. Our town is great already and with a little push we can be that and more.”

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