Players approach NEMCABB differently

By Blake Long/Special to the Journal

CORINTH – Different athletes take different approaches when it comes to their goals for all-star games.
The same can be said for the players of today’s 22nd annual NEMCABB All-Star Games, which begin at 2 p.m. at Corinth’s Jesse Bynum Field.
With college coaches usually in attendance, area seniors selected for the games have another opportunity to show their skills on the playing field.
Belmont’s Zack Carpenter got plenty of exposure during the season after his team made a run to the Class 3A North championship series.
Even with offers on the table to continue his career collegiately, Carpenter has not made a decision and looks to use the NEMCABB game to prove his worth one last time.
“I kinda just want to show to people what they would be getting if they were to sign me,” he said. “I’m going full speed all the time, which is how I play every game.”
New Site’s Chad Brimingham, there is no offer to play baseball. He looks to represent his school and make a last push to get his name out in the open.
“I’m going to go all out and try to let somebody see what I can do and maybe they’ll like it,” said Brimingham. “I’ll try to represent my school and let people see that at New Site we do play baseball now.”
While Carpenter and Brimingham will enter their respected games with a set goal, others like Trae Bain are playing purely for fun.
Bain, a starter at Alcorn Central for six years, has already signed at Union University and has no worries today.
“It’s a great opportunity and a real honor to play in this game,” he said. “I just want to go out and have fun and have a good time.”
Quick turnaround
Kossuth seniors Heath Wood and John Mitchell will be back on a diamond for the first time since falling to Southeast Lauderdale three days ago in the 3A title series.
“It’s been kind of like a crush, coming off of the state championship loss and thinking ‘Well that was my last ball game,'” Mitchell said. “(The NEMCABB game) will be my last run at it high school wise.”
Jay King, Chase Clark, Tyler Kilcrease and Reed Gregory will also take the field for the first time since claiming the 2A state title last week for Bruce.

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