POINT/COUNTERPOINT: Hope expressed for improved economy with new House

Without a doubt the mid-term elections broke new ground in modern Mississippi politics. Excluding redistricting, before November 2nd most Mississippians had never voted in an election where a sitting U.S. congressman had been defeated.
On Election Day, Mississippi had three democrats and one republican as U.S. representatives – before midnight that order had reversed.
Three out of four of our congressmen had voted for Nancy Pelosi to be the speaker of the house. Pelosi’s push to the political left became baggage that Travis Childers and Gene Taylor could not bear.
What does the election of Republicans Nunnelee and Palazzo mean for Mississippi?
Most significantly I believe we will finally see a stronger economy. I believe that will happen because John Boehner will be replacing Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the “people’s house.”
He will provide fiscal discipline and this move (if it’s not already too late) will signal to the world that America is serious about its financial future. Confidence in the ability of America to meet her obligations will grow.
Because the U.S. Constitution mandates that every federal dollar spent must first come through the U.S. House of Representatives, the speaker of the house is the most constitutionally empowered official controlling our economy.
Soon to be ex-speaker Pelosi never seemed to grasp how much responsibility she had for the economy during her four year roost over it. She never used her constitutional powers to reduce government and grow the private sector. If Boehner utilizes the “purse strings” of government wisely, Mississippi’s economy will improve – and quickly.
We shall see orders for our businesses and more orders mean more profits and the drive for more profits will bring additional jobs. More jobs will bring more paychecks and more paychecks will expand our tax base and more tax revenue will bring better schools and infrastructure. It’s that simple.
Wow, what a time to show the left-wingers what really makes the economy grow. Thank you Mississippi voters.
Well, that was easy. Who could have known that all we needed was to elect politicians who campaigned on anger and fear, and all would be well? I guess happy days are here again. NOT.
We saw how the winners on Nov. 2 successfully ran against “ObamaCare” and Nancy Pelosi , but what did they run for?
The fact is this election was about uneasiness in our households, i.e.: jobs. While the economy is still recovering, unemployment remains high.
Since last April, I have been of the opinion that President Obama spent too much of his political capital pushing a flawed health care bill – flawed because the conservatives successfully obstructed the crafting of bi-partisan legislation – and he spent absolutely no political capital pushing a jobs bill.
If I am given the choice of having a job (and no insurance), and I can buy groceries, pay my mortgage and utilities, and keep my children cared for, or health insurance ( with no job), I choose job every time.
I concede that we progressives and moderates – and Conservative Democrats like Reps. Travis Childers and Gene Taylor – didn’t do a good job of making our voices heard in pushing for a jobs agenda. We were shouted down by the loud, angry voices of the extreme right and bullied by the shrill cries of the extreme left. We should have fought harder and louder for a jobs agenda and forced President Obama to rearrange his priorities.
But to say that Mississippians drove Childers and Taylor out of office as a referendum on the federal deficit is as misguided as forcing through the health care bill.
People want jobs. They want the wherewithal to feed and care for their families without relying on either the uncertainty of unemployment or the self-esteem-lowering of public assistance.
Believe me, if Congressmen-elect Nunnelee and Pallazo go to Washington and spend the next two years focusing on muck-raking public hearings, and get bogged down in esoteric constitutional minutiae, leaving the unemployment rate to hover near 9.6 percent, they, too, will know what it feels like to be a one-term U.S. Representative.
Dr. Ed Holliday is a Tupelo dentist who has written two successful books. Contact him at ed@teaparty.ms. James Hull is an award-winning consultant and journalist. Contact him at hullmultimedia@aol.com.

James Hull and Ed Holliday

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