Police investigating Houston homicide

By Floyd Ingram/Chickasaw Journal

HOUSTON – Authorities are investigating an apparent murder at a home east of town and are asking the community for help in gathering information.

The Houston Police Department was called to the home of Ray “Shorty” Bevill, 75, at 206 Aberdeen Road Monday after friends and family could not get him to come to the door.

“We went out there and when we looked in the window we could see him on the floor,” said Houston Police Chief Billy Voyles. “We gained entry to the house and were able to determine it was a homicide and we are investigating it as such.”

Voyles said it quickly became apparent this was a murder and The Mississippi Bureau of Investigations Crime Scene Unit was called to process the scene.

“They sacked up a lot of evidence and they are busy today (Tuesday) going through it,” said Voyles. “We have not made an arrest at this time.”

Voyles said Bevels lived alone and at this point they are not sure when the crime occurred or exactly how he died.

“I don’t want to go into a lot of details at this time,” said Voyles. “I have known Shorty all my life and he was a good man that never hurt anybody.”

Voyles said police worked through the night Monday and are still trying to determine who last had contact with Bevels or who might have seen something suspicious at the home just off Highway 8.

Voyles said the Chickasaw County Sheriff’s Department is also involved in the investigation.

Chickasaw County Chief Deputy James Meyers said there were signs of a struggle at the crime scene.

Neither Meyers or Voyles would speculate on a possible motive.

Officers met Tuesday morning during regular shift change to be updated on the latest leads and information before fanning out across the community.

Both Meyers and Voyles urged anyone with information to contact the Houston Police Department at 456-5065, the Chickasaw County Sheriff’s Department at 456-2339 or simply dial 911.

“We don’t want your name, just the information,” said Voyles. “We need people to call us and help us solve this crime.”

More as it is available.

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