Police put out Saltillo house fire

Lee County StockBy JB Clark
Daily Journal

SALTILLO – Fire Chief Mark Nowell recognized members of the Saltillo Police Department on Tuesday for stopping a house fire before it got out of control.

Firefighters were on the west side of town early Monday afternoon when a call for a house fire with a woman inside was sent out.

“The police got there about two minutes before us, and the lady was out of the house when they got there,” Nowell said. “Officer Randy Box used a fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire in the kitchen and (Chief) Grant (Bailey) opened the windows to ventilate the house.”

The fire department arrived four minutes after the call went out to set up fans and monitor the extinguished fire. The fire started in a window air-conditioning unit and spread into the window’s curtains and wooden frame.

“It was spreading up the wall and had gotten into the curtains and was going fast,” Nowell said. “Another few minutes and we would have had a mess.”

Nowell said because the fire was in the wall and on the highly flammable curtains, the few minutes the police shaved off the response time saved the house. The police department recently requested Lee County 911 to dispatch them to all of

Saltillo’s fire and medical calls as well as police calls so they can assist in crowd control, traffic control or help with any situation that could escalate on an emergency scene.

“It’s not really their duty to put a fire out but they went above and beyond,” Nowell said.


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  • barney fife

    It’s refreshing to read a “feel-good” story regarding cops.
    Well done.