Police report findings on cause of MSU student’s death

Starkville StockBy JB Clark

Daily Journal

STARKVILLE – Police have determined the Mississippi State University student killed in a motor vehicle accident early Tuesday morning died as a result of multiple blunt trauma and being struck by the motor vehicle he was riding in.

The Starkville Police Department reported their investigation revealed five individuals were en route to McDonald’s on Highway 12 in Starkville with three passengers in the truck and two in the bed of the truck. The driver, while backing up in the McDonald’s parking lot, hit a curb, throwing Kaleb Barker, 18, Lucedale from the bed of the truck.

Barker was then run over by the truck as it jumped the curb and came to a rest in the lower level parking lot of Cold Stone Creamery.

The driver of the truck, 18-year-old Sawyer Tomas Steede, of Lucedale, was charged with aggravated DUI.

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  • barney fife

    What about charging everyone else with “minor in possession of alcohol”?
    What about changing the rules about riding in the back of a pickup truck?
    Only one drunk kid was driving, but his peers were all right there with him.
    Every one of them needs a slice of that pie.

    • getagrip

      I don’t think they are worried about the “minor in possession of alcohol” here…a kid died! It was an accident, but only one person was driving the vehicle. Moron.

      • barney fife

        This was not an accident. This was a mishap brought about by the willful operation of a motor vehicle by an underage, intoxicated operator. That only one individual perished is fortunate. All of the individuals in that pickup chose to be there. These are college students who have heard their entire lives about the perils of drinking and driving, responsible drinking and even designated drivers. No doubt one of them knows personally an individual who has been apprehended for an alcohol related offense. That not one of them chose to intervene prior to the death of a companion speaks volumes – despite all the preaching, they’ve learned nothing. Not to hold them responsible for that behavior and display of poor judgment is doing a disservice to society.

        • getagrip

          Ok, “mishap brought about by the willful operation of a motor vehicle by an underage, intoxicated operator.” Now…what exactly do you want them to do to the people that were in the truck (not driving). You really expect the police to punish the other kids for not stopping the driver? Their friend was just hurt very badly (died later). You want the police to worry about writing them a ticket for MIP? BTW, maybe they did write them MIP tickets. How do you know they didn’t? Either way, police obviously had more important things to do. (I.e. Arresting the driver…you know, the one liable here.) You are obviously delusional about the way teenagers think (or don’t think). You are detached. And just for the record…I am in no way condoning drinking and driving and I am pretty sure that this kid will learn his lesson. It is tragic that someone died. Better judgement should have been used…but it wasn’t. You can’t just start arresting other people because they are present and not in violation of any (significant) law.

          • barney fife

            To you, MIP just might be an insignificant law, however, it did get that one kid killed.
            Had they all been breaking windows in abandoned buildings or assembling illegally – all rather insignificant violations, all would have been charged.
            No, don’t arrest other folks for being present – but do acknowledge the others who are responsible and involved. They were part of the whole thing.