Politicos mix with business people at MEC event

By Emily Wagster Pettus/The Associated Press

JACKSON — Mississippi Republican Roger Wicker says he wants another term in the U.S. Senate to continue fighting bureaucracy and seeking ways to cut budgets and promote American energy.

His Democratic challenger, Albert Gore Jr., is campaigning on saving Social Security, protecting veterans’ benefits and upholding the federal health care law that President Barack Obama signed in 2010.

Another candidate in the Senate race, the Constitution Party’s Thomas Cramer, says he wants to limit the role of government.

They’re on the ballot next Tuesday, along with the Reform Party’s Shawn O’Hara.

Wicker, Gore and Cramer were among the politicians speaking Wednesday at the Mississippi Economic Council’s annual Hobnob.

Several hundred business people and government officials attended the social gathering under a big white circus tent at the state agriculture museum in Jackson.

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