Polling locations change for some voters in upcoming Fulton election

By Adam Armour/The Itawamba County Times

Some Fulton voters have new voting precincts. They also might not even realize it.

Recent changes to Fulton’s ward lines mean that some voters will cast their ballots in different locations this year. Voters in approximately 180 households have been affected.

The primary elections will be held on May 7.

According to Fulton clerk Lisa Russell, voters who been affected by the change will be notified via official letters within the next few weeks.

Deciphering the new ward lines can be kind of tricky. In many cases, the new ward lines divide one side of the street from the other. Residents with an even-numbered address might vote in a totally different location than those with odd-numbered addresses.

Voters at the following addresses will cast their ballots in a new location this year. The list is divided by the new wards in which the property falls, plus the polling locations for that ward, and denotes whether or not the addresses listed are odd- or even-numbered. If a street address isn’t listed, then the voters will cast their ballots at their usual polling locations:

Ward I – Fulton Gas Department:

• 102 Beene Street

• 100-500 West Main Street

• 100-212 North Cummings Street

Ward II – Fulton City Hall:

• 100-210 Smith Street

• 200-215 Sage Street

• 200-706 Benford Street

• 300-407 Kathryn Drive

• 100-107 Williams Street

• 1000-1130 South Clifton Street (even-numbered only; odds are already in Ward II)

• 1200-1506 South Adams Street (even-numbered only)

• 110-121 Bradford Avenue

• 111-121 Carol Avenue (odd-numbered only)

• 300-407 Fair Street

• 100-112 Pin Oak

• 301-307 Lin Street (odd-numbered only)

• 1105 Sandlin Road

• 1200-1206 Sandlin Road (even-numbered only)

• 506-508 Hill Road (even-numbered only)

Ward III – American Legion:

• 504-520 Lake Road (even-numbered only)

• 210-312 East Wiygul Street (even-numbered only)

• 102 South Adams Street

• 311-603 Bankhead Street (odd-numbered only)

• 201-211 East Main Street (odd-numbered only)

Ward IV – Fulton Country Club:

• 509-521 Lake Road (odd-numbered only)

• 111-122 Chatham Street

• 900-904 Lee Street (even-numbered only)

• 304-306 Lin Street (even-numbered only)

• 1201-1311 Sandlin Road (odd-numbered only)

The changes to the city’s ward lines were voted into effect late last year. Of the city’s four wards, Ward 4 was the most significantly changed by the new ward lines. The ward lost approximately 1.6 square miles of area and 155 or so residents, all of whom were absorbed into Ward 2 to its north.

While it simultaneously gained a sizable chunk of Ward 4, Ward 2 also lost an area of less than a square mile to Ward 1, along with about 18 residents.

Under the new mapping, only Ward 3 remained unchanged.

The need to change the city’s ward lines was a result of shifts in its population. According to information garnered by the 2010 U.S. Census, while Fulton’s population didn’t grow much over the past decade — fewer than 80 people — Ward 4’s population spiked considerably.

In order for each ward to be equally represented by city officials, populations have to be balanced. Hence, the new lines.

For more information about the new ward lines or where to vote, contact Fulton City Hall at 862-4929.


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