Pontotoc board says slow down on Eighth St.

By Regina Butler/Pontotoc Progress

Residents who want to use Eighth Street east or west for a speed zone had best beware, speed bumps will soon be in place on these streets.

Residents of the street presented a petition to the Pontotoc Board of Aldermen recently asking that something be done.

One man said he and his wife have been “residents there for 21 years. First, it was lightly travelled, now it is heavily inhabited. There are young families with small children.

“The speed limit is supposed to be 30 on that street but people very rarely do that. It is dangerous.”

Another resident said the street has “become a major highway. It’s not a city street any more.”

Some said they can’t even slow down to get into their driveways without being honked at by people wanting to go faster than they are.

D.R. Simmons made a motion that the speed bumps be installed on the streets.

Chief Larry Poole suggested that the speed bumps not only go on the West Eighth Street that runs from Highway 15 around by Graceland, but also on East Eighth Street that runs from Highway 15 to Main Street.

“A lot of people drive that road fast, too,” he noted. “And the hills and curves on that street are dangerous.” The board passed the measure.

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