Pontotoc Police running radar

By David Helms/Pontotoc Progress

In an effort to improve traffic safety all along Highway 15 Bypass, Pontotoc Police units will be running radar in hopes of enforcing the 35 and 45 mph speed limits, said Police Chief Larry Poole.

Residents have complained about speeding motorists, illegal parking too close to the road way and improper use of the center turning lane.

Pontotoc resident John Enlow told aldermen at last week’s meeting he would welcome increased enforcement of speed limits.

“The speed limits are clearly posted, but depending on the traffic congestion, many cars are going 50 or faster from the four lane all the way into town,” Enlow said.

“I’m sympathetic with customer parking problems that several businesses have out in that area, but signs along the road prohibit parking within 20 feet of the pavement, and a lot of people park there anyway,” Enlow said.

“When you’re trying to pull out from streets there you simply can’t see, makes it very dangerous,” he said.

“The 35 mph limit is really abused, it’s a big safety factor.”

Chief Poole said motorists need to check which areas are 35 mph and which are 45 mph.

“The speed limit is 35 mph from Mapp’s Auto, going northward, to Sallie Hardin Road by Montgomery Drugs,” Poole said. “It’s 45 mph on out to the four lane.

“Of course you have the school zone there by Mill Creek,” he emphasized.

“The highway department sets the speed limits and also puts up the no parking signs, but they’ve agreed to put up more signs there by Huddle House and KFC.”

“Anyone going over the speed limit is subject to being ticketed, especially depending on the traffic congestion and road conditions,” Poole cautioned.

“And officers are also going to ticket anyone that is dong continuous driving down the center lane.

“We’re not doing this for the sake of writing tickets, it’s to keep someone from getting hurt or killed.”