Pontotoc supervisors warn about election signs

By Regina Butler/Pontotoc Progress

Pontotoc County supervisors warned those who are posting election signs, particularly those on the little wire stakes, that they should not be on the county right-of-way.
The county has up to 50 feet on each side of the road from the middle of the road.
“When we start mowing in the summer, those wires aren’t good for the mower,” said Fifth District Supervisor Dennis Corder.
Board president Wayne Stokes said he anticipates more signs than usual this summer, “with 72 people on the ballot. Each candidate should be mindful of where the right-of-ways are and post their signs only on private property off of where the county will be mowing.”
Stokes said all signs which are found posted on the county right-of-ways will be gathered and taken to the supervisor shed in that district. “So if the signs aren’t removed from the right-of-ways when we get ready to mow, those that are posted in the First District will be at the First District shed, the Second District signs at the Second District sheds and so forth.”
A good indication of where signs should be posted is to remember that they cannot be on the road side of the ditch, they must be posted beyond the ditch on the property owner, with the property owner’s permission.
The board is in the beginning stages of preparing for re-districting of the county which will not go into effect until the 2015 election year.
“Three Rivers is asking you to appoint to a committee of at least two people from your districts, one of which should be a minority,” said Reggie Collums.
The committee members are to be appointed within ten days and then the process will move forward for the district lines to be hammered out.
Supervisor districts must have an equal representation and because of the census, some of the districts will have to be re-drawn and the justice department will have to approve what is planned out.
“This is to let them see that you are moving quickly on getting this done,” said board attorney Phil Tutor. Tutor pointed out that the major adjustments county wide will be in Districts one and three. “District one will lose some voters to district three four years from now.”

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