UPDATE: Power restored in Tupelo

TUPELO – Power was down in much of Tupelo this morning, but it has been restored.

According to the TVA, an outage was experienced this morning at a substation that powers Tupelo Water and Light as well as portions of Tombigbee EPA. The cause of the outage is under investigation.

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  • barney fife

    I drove from Guntown into Tupelo this morning, using 145/Gloster and found all the traffic signals inoperative. While taking that bit of information in, I also noticed that in the entire drive, not one cop did I see. Nowhere.
    Where were all the badge-wearing, gun-toting, steroid abusing public servants?

    • Floyd

      Probably helping other members of the rude, ungrateful, lazy, pothead, hate-on-cops-until-they-need-them public, seeing as power was out all over the county.