Power returns after outage in Tupelo

Tupelo Water & Light reports all power was restored as of 4:27 p.m. Monday after an outage that hit most of the city around 2:30 p.m.

Tupelo Water & Light’s Johnny Timmons said its substation went out today, causing 75 percent of the city to be out of power for about 45 minutes.

The southwest power substation is by Harrisburg Baptist Church. It is one of two major power stations for the city, providing feeder lines to other areas.

The ground switch closed, Timmons said, causing the power to shut off at the substation.

Crews are checking for the cause right now. Timmons’ thoughts about possible causes:

– Lightning arrestors

– Bad equipment

– Raccoon

– Snake

– Opposum

“It is our understanding that it is something that is affecting the distributor’s system and TVA’s lines are not involved,” Barbara Martocci, TVA spokewoman said. “Our lines are not down. We aren’t having problems with our lines at this time in the area.”

Power was out at all Tupelo schools except Pierce Street and Filmore. The power outage didn’t force schools to dismiss early.


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