Prekindergarten is open to all 4-year-olds and is designed to equip youngsters with basic skills critical for success in kindergarten. Students do a variety of activities, including learning the alphabet, the days of the week and how to count.

Special consideration is given to students who are at-risk because of physical or mental handicaps. Youngsters from low-income families are also given special consideration.

Head Start provides identical services in Tupelo but is federally funded. Head Start students also receive transportation services, which aren’t provided to Pre-K students.

Current Pre-K enrollments are:

Church Street Elementary: 20.

Joyner Elementary: 19 in Pre-K, 20 in Head Start.

Lawhon Elementary: 20 in Pre-K.

Pierce Street Elementary: 20 in Pre-K, an estimated 15 in Head Start.

Rankin: Doesn’t have a program.

Thomas Street: 20 Pre-K students.

All Pre-K and Tupelo Head Start students will attend Lawhon Elementary in the fall.

For information on enrolling a four-year-old child in Pre-K for the fall, call Tupelo Public Schools at 841-8850.

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