Preliminary hearing held for Corinth stabbing suspect

news_crime_greenBy Lena Mitchell

Daily Journal Corinth Bureau

CORINTH – A preliminary hearing was held Thursday in Corinth Municipal Court for the suspect arrested in the Feb. 27 stabbing death of Greg Scott of Corinth.

Judge John Ross found there was probable cause on the charge of murder and felony malicious mischief to charge Jerry Miller, 59, of Corinth, with the two crimes.

Bond was kept at $500,000 on the murder charge and $10,000 on the felony malicious mischief charge.

Capt. Ralph Dance, chief of detectives for the Corinth Police Department, was the only witness called by city prosecutor Tom Sweat.

Dance recounted events of Feb. 27, as reported to him by the various officers directly involved with the case, as well as his own observations and investigation after he arrived on the scene about 30 minutes after the initial report.

The police received a call about 12:20 a.m. Feb. 27, reporting suspected burglary of a vehicle at 206 Nelson St., Dance said. When officers arrived at the address, they heard screaming coming from a nearby residence at 302 Nelson St.

When they went to the 302 Nelson St. address to investigate, they found Scott lying on the floor bleeding profusely from a stab wound in the chest and called 911. They also called Dance to the scene.

Before Scott was transported by ambulance, investigators said he told officers who had stabbed him.

Scott had gone outside to investigate suspicious sounds, and when he saw Miller confronted him, Dance said. Miller allegedly stabbed Scott with a knife he was carrying, and Scott ran back to his house, collapsing on the kitchen floor. Scott’s wife found him there, and the officers heard her screaming when they drove up to check out the reported car burglary.

Dance and other officers went to the suspect’s home nearby, and Miller allegedly came out and confessed to the stabbing. When asked for permission to search his home, they said he told them where to find the knife, and the knife was retrieved in the search.

Scott later died of his injuries at the hospital before being questioned by Dance, and there were no other witnesses to the encounter.

Defense attorney and public defender Clay Nails asked Dance if he was aware of Miller’s previous mental health history, which included inpatient treatment.

Dance said he had received statements about Miller’s mental health, but had no documented or verified information about that.

Miller remains in Alcorn County Jail.

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