Prentiss forms panel of mayors, county officials

BOONEVILLE – The new Prentiss County Council of Governments is being hailed as the start of a new phase of cross-county communications.
Mayors of county municipalities and other county officials met for the first time in August to form the group so they can share ideas and concerns.
The group consists of Baldwyn Mayor Michael James, Booneville Mayor Joe Eaton, Jumpertown Mayor Trent Moore, Marietta Mayor Judy Ramey, Board of Supervisors President Mike Huddleston, Supervisor Mike Kesler, Chancery Clerk Bubba Pounds and Prentiss County Development Association Executive Director Gerald Williams.
“We’re meeting once a month to kind of keep up with what’s going on,” Huddleston said. “Anything that benefits one community benefits all the others, and we’re just kind of getting started to see how we can help each other.”
Lee County has a similar organization.
Operating in the county as one unit will be key to promoting all of the municipalities across the county, Booneville’s Eaton said.
“My goal for Booneville is basically the same as the others, to have our county recognized as a progressive community,” he said. “Forming this group benefits all of us because the work force now is much more mobile than before, with people driving longer distances to jobs. If someone in Booneville drives to Baldwyn for a job, at least that person and that job are still in Prentiss County, and we all benefit from that.”
With only two meetings under its belt, the group hasn’t established a formal agenda yet, but is “still forming ideas and a roadmap.”
“Basically we’re just bounding ideas, suggestions and goals off each other,” Eaton said, “but since this has been formed we have received a great deal of positive input about it. People are glad to see that city and county governments are working together again.”

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