Project will link Baldwyn schools with sidewalks

BALDWYN – The city of Baldwyn was chosen by the Mississippi Department of Transportation for a project that will make it safer for students to walk or bike around the city.
The $391,000 project will be funded entirely by the Federal Highway Administration. It will provide sidewalks that will connect Baldwyn Elementary School to Baldwyn Middle School and Baldwyn High School.
“It will connect our school campuses around town with sidewalks wide enough to ride on and bike on and make our situation for getting students to and from school a lot safer,” said Baldwyn Superintendent Harvey Brooks.
The project will be funded by the Mississippi Department of Transportation through the Safe Routes to School program. That program promotes bicycling and walking to schools and provides an opportunity to address safety.
MDOT’s Safe Routes to School Coordinator Cookie Leffler said the project also will connect with a transportation enhancement project that was recently completed in Baldwyn.
“It is making a good portion of the community walkable,” she said.
Sidewalks will be constructed along Main Street from Cemetery Street to Jones Street and along Second Street from Clayton Street to Cox Street.
Verona has been preparing an application for next year’s Safe Routes to School funding. That application would be due around December or January, Leffler said.
Verona’s project would focus on students crossing Raymond Avenue and traveling from Raymond to the school along Tenth Street.
The purpose of the Safe Routes to School program is to enable and encourage children to walk and bicycle to school safely.
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Chris Kieffer/NEMS Daily Journal