PT, glp; county lines brief

PT, glp; county lines brief

District’s water tests come clean

SALTILLO – Northeast Mississippi Regional Water Supply District officials said Friday that the most recent tests of their water distribution system showed the absence of total coliform bacteria.

The district supplies water to the Turner Industrial Park water system and its 66 industrial and residential customers. The water system was required by the Environmental Protection Agency to issue a public notice this week that coliform bacteria had been discovered in a sample taken March 11 from the water system.

The presence of coliform bacteria can be an indicator of a problem with the water treatment or distribution systems.

Frank Maples, director of the company that operates the district’s surface water purification plant at Peppertown, said results from samples taken Wednesday came back negative for the presence of bacteria on Friday.

Saltillo Mayor W.K. Webb said Friday he felt confident that when the results from new samples are tested early next week, they too would show that the coliform-tainted sample was the result of a mistake in collecting samples and not the result of a problem with the water system.

“It was a windy day when those samples were taken, and I’m sure something got in there that was not from the water,” Webb said. “But whenever something is found in the water that shouldn’t be there, we are required to inform the public.”

Test results from the new samples should be available by Wednesday, he said.

– Jane Hill

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