Public helps to buy school supplies for students

By Danza Johnson/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – A school supply drive produced hundreds of supplies for needy students Saturday.
As a part of Mayor Jack Reed Jr.’s Education Task Force, people shopping at both Walmarts and Krogers were asked to donate at least one school supply in order to help fill up four school buses.
Despite the heat and occasional downpour, Sheila Nabors stood in front of Walmart on West Main Street asking people to help the cause. Nabors said she was both pleased and shocked with how people responded.
“We’ve had so many people to come through and help that it is just wonderful to see,” said Nabors as people piled supplies in a 5 foot tall box. “I’m not surprised that people are giving. But I am surprised about the number of people that don’t want to help. Supplies are not very expensive and if people just purchase one, even a pencil, it will help some child.”
The task force will be out at each location every Saturday until school starts collecting supplies. After all the supplies are collected they will be taken to the schools and distributed by the counselors as they are needed.
Even though she said she had three children of her own to buy school supplies for, Karyn Panel bought some folders to donate.
“Fortunately I am in a position where I can buy my children their school supplies,” said Panel. “But some parents can’t so I think this is a great thing the city is doing.”
James Morgan doesn’t have any school-age children, but that didn’t stop him from helping.
“I heard the guy in front of me tell the lady he wasn’t going to help because he didn’t have any kids to buy supplies for of his own,” said Morgan. “That was sad. If anything he should take this as an opportunity to help someone else who may need him. Education is the key to success in life and we better get on board as a society and help to promote it.”

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