Records recycled with Shred-it

By JB Clark/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – Close to five tons of paper records were recycled on Friday as people took advantage of the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office and Shred-it’s joint program to dispose of Mississippians’ private documents.
The program lasted from 7:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. at Walmart on North Gloster. By 10:15 Friday morning, 140 people had already brought papers to be shredded for recycling.
Shred-it employee Joshua Williams estimated the total take for the day at nearly five tons.
Dan Barnette and his wife Jan were recycling old personal and business records.
“These are my old business statements,” he said. “I’m retired now and don’t need them, so we’re shredding them.”
Jan Barnette said the documents have been boxed up since they moved.
“We moved from Aberdeen, Wash., to Aberdeen, Miss., in 2006,” she said. “We just packed it all up and haven’t even looked at it since. It’s time to get rid of them.”
Friday was an opportunity for Northeast Mississippi residents to safely dispose of personal documents without the fear of having their identity stolen.
Paula Harrington followed the Barnettes with five garbage bags filled with old bank statements and tax forms. Shred-it cross-shreds the documents, so they are completely destroyed and sells the scraps to be recycled.
“We take it and put them through a bailer, and they are made into one-ton bails,” said Adam Dennis, district operations manager for Shred-it. “Georgia Pacific recycles it 100 percent, and it usually goes into copy and print paper. It depends on the quality of the bulk of the recycled paper. It might become napkins and tissues.”

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