Redesigned Corolla, Prius production in Blue Springs?

According to Automotive News, the redesigned Toyota Corolla will begin production at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi in Blue Springs starting in fall 2013.

Says the magazine:

“Expect livelier design above the rocker panels and a more stylish interior layout. But the chassis – and the car’s numb suspension – will remain mostly the same. A new transmission family is in the works, with gearing designed to stretch fuel economy. But the existing engine will carry over, with the possibility of more advanced engines coming with the midcycle change planned for the 2016 model year. Weight-saving is a priority.”

Later in the article, which talks about Toyota’s product plans for the next few years, is this interesting tidbit about the Prius. You’ll remember when Toyota first announced in 2007 it was building the Blue Springs plant that it would build the Highlander. Then in 2008 it switched to the Prius, then in 2010 said it would be the Corolla.

Speculation has always been that TMMMS would eventually build a second model of some kind, likely the Prius, according to many in the auto industry.

So, says Automotive News, Toyota has a full redesign for the Prius in 2014 for the 2015 model year:

“Because it shares much of its chassis layout with the Corolla, the next-generation Prius could be assembled at Toyota’s new plant in Mississippi, where Corollas are built.”


So of course we called our friends at Toyota Mississippi to see what they might have to say.

TMMMS spokeswoman Emily Holland said the plant is currently building the 2013 model year Corolla.

“Unfortunately, we do not coment on future model production or sales,” she said.

As for possible future Prius production, she said, “we would be delighted to have Prius production in Blue Springs, but there are currently no plans to build that vehicle in our facility.”

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