Reed still looking to fill volunteer positions

By Robbie Ward/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – Lining Tupelo Mayor Jack Reed Jr.’s office in City Hall are large sheets of paper with blank spots for opportunities to leave his influence after leaving office.
With less than a month and a half as mayor, Reed still has about 20 vacant positions left to fill on resident-led boards, commissions and committees.
“It’s a chance to leave the human assets legacy for the city,” Reed said. “I’ve been proud to put more shoulders on the wheel.”
Since taking office, the mayor has made about 50 appointments to various groups ranging from the Tupelo Public School Board to the airport authority – about 20 disparate groups in all.
While the mayor’s job in Tupelo includes running day-to-day operations of the city, a key responsibility includes appointing residents to different authorities, task forces and other groups. While the mayor appoints the members, a majority of the City Council must confirm them.
“Knock on wood, I’ve had 100 percent success after four years and 10 months.”
While filling vacant positions will help the mayor continue to have influence after leaving office, it also adds more perspectives to the city and helps ensure a quorum when the groups meet.
A lifelong resident of Tupelo, Reed said he draws on his personal knowledge of residents, recommendations from others and people who contact the city directly for potential volunteers to serve.
“It’s wonderful to have so many civic-minded people interested in serving,” he said.

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