Cochran, Wicker support agreement, Nunnelee votes no

By Joe Rutherford

Daily Journal

Northeast Mississippi’s congressional delegation weighed in Wednesday on the deal struck to end the government shutdown and avert a default crisis.



Sens. Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker voted for the agreement, while Rep. Alan Nunnelee voted against it. All are Republicans.

Cochran said in a statement from his office and a speech on the Senate floor that a bipartisan agreement to reopen the federal government and prevent risking the nation’s credit worthiness should be followed with concrete steps toward “a long-term agreement that will reduce our debt through structural changes to government spending.”

Cochran spoke in late afternoon as senators made their record for the debate.

“I am pleased that we seem close to resolving the current impasse, and I hope that over the coming weeks we can devote ourselves to thoughtful and productive deliberations on the budget,” he said. “It is important that we act to restore the confidence of the American people in the United States Senate. We must take real steps to strengthen our nation’s fiscal foundation so that our economy can grow, and American families and businesses can prosper.”

Cochran said he wants a long-term agreement that can reduce debt “through structural changes to government spending. As a part of that process, we must talk seriously about the president’s health care law; its serious flaws and its impact on families and businesses. I have consistently opposed this law and one of my goals is seeing that it is repealed, delayed or made voluntary. Achieving that goal may take longer than we would prefer, because we are in the minority. But the law’s declining popularity should give senators from both parties reason to reevaluate it.”

Wicker said the agreement will allow the government to reopen and for the U.S. to pay its bills, but it’s not a complete fix.

“For the first time in 50 years, Washington spending has declined for two years in a row,” he said. “The proposal will ensure the budget savings, established in 2011, will continue. It also requires a budget conference between the House and Senate to address our nation’s unsustainable $17 trillion debt. While it doesn’t fix the problems associated with Obamacare, it is important for Congress to reopen the government, not default on our bills, and get this crisis behind us.”

Nunnelee voted against the agreement. He said he is appreciative of everyone’s efforts to reach agreement, but there are still problems.

“Every day, there is more evidence the Obamacare train wreck is destroying the health insurance market and driving up costs on hard-working families,” he said. “Every day, the mountain of debt our grandchildren will have to repay grows larger. Every day, we see more grim news about people struggling to find jobs. In order to save the American dream for present and future generations, it is our duty to attack these problems head on.”

Among other members of Mississippi’s U.S. House delegation, Republican Rep. Steven Palazzo voted no while Rep. Gregg Harper, also a Republican, and Democrat Bennie Thompson voted for it.

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  • Guest Person

    Same tired old bumper sticker sized sound bite rhetoric without context – did you knob heads learn anything over the past two weeks? What do you want to cut? The AHCA is law so stop whining and move on. The debt is 4% of GDP – what is your goal? What about fixing our roads, bridges and schools? What about the big banks using federal insured funds for high risk investments? What about the next series of sequestration cuts? Are you all going on vacation during November and December before the next debt deadline?

    Just what have all of you been doing over the past two weeks? What are your plans to help Mississippi in the next round of talks.

    Those were just some sample questions for the press – just posting their press release is not news.

  • willerz

    Let me tell you how this works, because they do it every time, and the people keep fall for it. The shutdown and debt ceiling were not by accident. It was on purpose. They know that it is easier to pass things like this if you get the public all worried. They let these “conflicts” occur, wait until the deadline, and then miraculously pass something. The people are so relieved that they will be getting their government checks and services again, that they aren’t angered that they just got screwed over again. This isn’t a partisan trick. Both parties are in on this. They fight in front of the cameras, and a few hours later are eating together, laughing and joking, and patting each other on the back. Mark my words, on January 17 we will see another government shut down, and we will see another miraculous bill passed on February 1, right before the debt ceiling gets reached again. It’s their way of passing whatever they want, and getting little flack for it from the people.

    • Guest Person

      Do not fool yourself “willerz” this is not the work of both parties – this is plain and clear radical Tea Party Republican politics. They have little understanding or respect for our system of goverment and are working to nulify goverment of the people for the people. They wish to distract the public by pushing an agenda that demonizes the weak and poor through their authoritive ideology while catering to big corporate interests. They are quick to wrap themselves in the flag but think nothing of circumventing our laws and systems.

      This shutdown is clear proof of it as we have wasted more money than saved an put in danger the cost of doing business in the future. If we learned anything from this shutdown it is that the goverment is more than just poor black women on welfare. Working people were hurt and a ton of money dropped out of our economy.

      You are welcome to believe as you wish but it just happened right in front of your eyes.

      • willerz

        No, this is definitely a two party problem. The problem is that there is too much of a “rah rah, go team!” attitude in our politics. People having too much of a need to belong to the team (Dem and Rep), so they are not willing to look inside their own, instead of always pushing the blame on the other side. It’s ALWAYS the other side’s fault, isn’t it? Weird how that works.

        Both parties have little respect for our system. Don’t be mistaken though, they understand it fully. This hasn’t been a government of the people for the people for many years! It a government of what corporation or bank can give me the biggest kick back, and what can I do for them! Companies like Goldman Sachs who donate 53% to Dems, and 43% to Republicans, to play both sides of the fence. In fact, the Dems are bought and paid for by the biggest donators, according to, which isn’t partisan to either side. Neither side cares about the weak and poor. All they do is play on the public’s feelings, to pass items that are just beneficial to their corporate donators.

        The shutdown is clear proof that we have a government that is out of control with their spending. It is definitely more than just black women on welfare, there was never any question that their excessive spending was more than just that. It’s both public AND corporate welfare that cause this. Giving money to corporations through subsidies, grants, tax breaks, and government contracts. The government shutdown was all about making sure they have enough money to keep up the overspending. And both parties were using it to exploit the people. If you have enough money to pay people to keep parks closed, for instance, then you have enough money to pay people to keep them open. Wasn’t the Repubs that did that, it was the Dems. They’d rather pay a private security company to keep monuments closed, than pay their own employees to keep it open. That sure is compassionate. Quit fooling yourself. Neither party cares about YOU. They only care about their pockets, and how they can line them.

        • Guest Person

          No I am not saying that the Democrats are perfect but in this case the Republicans caused needless harm and wasted energy over a plan that would not work. They tried to hold the goverment hostage and circumvent our laws and system of goverment.
          Hold them accountable by remembering this on election day – vote for those that will actually work for us and not the big corporations.

          • Pragmatic

            How did they try to circumvent any laws? How did they circumvent any system of government?

          • Guest Person

            I don’t know where you have been the last two weeks but I think holding the full faith and credit of the US hostage to defund a law that passed though Congress – signed into law by the President – held up by the Supreme Court and then re approved by the citizens of the US in the last Presidential election is an end around the democratic process.

            I don’t think our founding fathers had that process in mind to run our country. I will not get into Bohner holding the clean CR from a vote knowing that it would pass the House well over 2 weeks ago. Look into the House rules they changed to keep that off the floor.

          • FrereJocques

            By refusing to do their Constitutional duties to approve a budget, and attempting to blackmail the rest of the government to give them what they wanted.

  • DoubleTalk

    Ah yes, the ole raise the limit on the credit card when you can’t pay the minimum payment on the existing debt.

    If it had not been for all the whinning on Tv and news, I would had never known anyone was laid off or any government service stopped.

    As usual, someone got some pork out of the alleged crisis. Congress even got to keep health care benefits above and beyond those they have forced into other high payment plans. Bottom line, the US is already on the high risk loan radar. Keep adding debt doesn’t help even if you meet the minimum payment date.

    For so much to be spent on education in the US, sure seems to be alot of suckers out there.

    • willerz

      People think that the US can just keep borrowing and spending as much as they want, with no consequences. Instead of finding ways to cut wasteful spending, they’d rather just charge more to the credit card, and get their limit raised when they reach it. In 2009, there was only $879 billion in circulation in the United States. Multi-Trillion dollar budgets and debts, and their interest can’t be paid back on that amount of money, whether you tax everyone at a 100% rate, or 30%.

  • 1941641

    There were no substantive promises from the Three Republican Stooges that another budget crisis is not looming just around the corner from the latest one. No specifics, just a duh or two like the one Grocery-Tax Wicker duhed in answer to a reporters question about his attendance of a C of CC White Supremacist Gathering in NW Mississippi a few years back. The fact is these 3 “Wacko Birds” Cochran, Nonelee, Wicker think their politics is on “safe ground” (DUH)! It would be justice done if the voters of Mississippi rallied to send them all packing from the Halls of Congress. And, it could happen. Let’s all hope it will for Mississippi’s future as a state.

  • 1941641

    There were two groups one Republican, the other Tea Party that caused this budget crisis. If you can’t understand that you are pathetic!

    • Pragmatic

      Obama hasn’t pushed for a budget since he took office. Just another CR and raise the limit please.

      • Guest Person

        If you had paid attention in 8th grade civics you would know that Congress as an equal charge in goverment is to handle the purse strings. You will also remember Obama submitted a budget – the House passed a budget as well as the Senate. The Senate has been trying for over a year to get the House to conference on it.

        • JW Spencer

          Uh, does anyone here remember that the Senate last year had passed the 1,000 day mark that they didn’t sign off on a budget?

  • 1941641


    “Rush Limbaugh On GOP: One of The Greatest Political Disasters I’ve Ever Seen”