Rehabbed eagle to fly free over namesake state

By The Associated Press

MARKS, Miss. (AP) — The young bald eagle could make only short, low flights when she was caught in Mississippi. After 18 months of rehabilitation in Tennessee, the eagle dubbed after her home state was returning by SUV to be released at a lake in the north Mississippi town of Marks.

Nancy Zagaya (zuh-GY-uh) of the American Eagle Foundation says she left Pigeon Forge, Tenn., about 5 a.m. Sunday to bring Mississippi back to Mississippi. State wildlife agents were to lead her and Valery Smith of Mississippi Wildlife Rehabilitation to the lake.

The eagle is still a juvenile, without the white head that gives bald eagles their name.

Smith says that when the bird was found in Quitman, Miss., she couldn’t stretch one wing out all the way, and was weak and dehydrated.

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