Relay for Life builds a bridge

Responsibility lies on
citizens to keep it open
Special to the Chickasaw Journal
The 2007 Relay for Life in Chickasaw County began a tradition to establish the event as a true county-wide celebration of life, love and hope.
The event is designed to promote awareness of and raise money to treat, combat and find a cure for cancer. This year’s Relay focused on celebrating the lives that have been saved while mourning those who have passed, but a larger focus was on hand.
That focus was “all of us.”
As the campaign began, organizers put an emphasis on producing an event that encompassed all citizens of Chickasaw County and the results were overwhelmingly positive.
Now, two years later, the focus of Relay is firmly placed on all cancer victims, survivors, family members and friends from all parts of Chickasaw County.
As people from all points of the county, all races, creeds and colors and all walks of life joined hands Friday night in an effort to make a difference, a change will be taking place.
Relay proved that the people of the county can join forces for good and make a positive affect with their effort.
Relay proved that we really can cross the creek and work together for a common goal.
Now the responsibility lies on citizens, community, city and county leaders to ensure that the bride stays open and in good repair.
Joining forces for Relay for Life raises funds used toward a cure for cancer. What could happen if the citizens of Chickasaw County joined forces for exemplary educational systems or true economic development for our whole county and region?
The time is ripe to find out.
Imagine the possibilities.


Lisa Voyles

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