Rep. Nunnelee will support Boehner bill

By NEMS Daily Journal

U.S. Rep. Alan Nunnelee (R-Miss) has issued the following statement in support of the Budget Control Act, known as the Boehner bill:

“I have decided to support the Budget Control Act. This plan, while not perfect, honors the principles of Cut, Cap and Balance that I support. If this bill becomes law it cuts spending immediately, places caps on future spending ….

“President Obama vigorously opposes this bill. So much so that he held a prime time address to the nation. Even with the president’s opposition to Cut, Cap and Balance, we must move forward with this plan to put our nation on a path to economic stability.”

Nunnelee represents Mississippi’s 1st Congressional District and serves on the House Appropriations Committee. This is his first term.

Today, Congressman Alan Nunnelee (R-Miss) participated in a press conference with fellow House Republican Freshmen to show support for Speaker Boehner’s Budget Control Act. His comments are below:

“Seventeen years ago, I lost my job in a corporate merger. For 48 hours, I felt sorry for myself, tried to figure out what I could have done differently. But one morning my wife and I woke up, we made a pot of coffee; we took out a sheet of notebook paper and drew a line right down the middle of it. On one side we said, this is how much we have coming in. On the other side we said this is how we’re going to spend it. We shed some tears that morning, as things that had been important to us we found we could no longer afford.

“There’s no question in my mind that while we’re debating this important issue, with one in 10 of our neighbors out of work, there are families going through that exercise all around America. If those families are willing to make those difficult decisions in their personal life, they have every reason to expect their government to do the same thing.

“Now, that morning when Tori and I sat down at the kitchen table, I couldn’t do it without her and she couldn’t do it without me. It took both of us sitting together. Today, the House of Representatives is going to sit down at the kitchen table and do our part. We invite, we challenge the United States Senate to sit down at the kitchen table and do their part. We challenge the President of the United States to sit down at the kitchen table, and do his part. Do what American families are doing around this nation and solve this problem.”

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