Repel the smell

Repel the smell

Different products can remove odors from carpet and other indoor surfaces when puppies have housebreaking accidents.

Tupelo veterinarian Dr. B.J. Cash said, “Really make sure you clean up an area after it’s been soiled. If it’s not cleaned up, the scent remains and it serves as a stimulus for them to use the same spot again.”

Some products recommended by various Tupelo experts include Resolve brand cleaner, Elimin-odor, Amway’s Pursue Germicidal Concentrate (a disinfectant), and Simple Solution cleaner; an alternative is just a thorough cleaning with soap and water.

Sheryl Maxwell, Lee County’s Extension home economist, listed a few home remedies from “A Book of Practical Formulas” for removing pet stains and scents:

– Sprinkle baking soda on a damp spot; let dry and remove.

– Saturate the carpet with vinegar, blot heavily (not rubbing) and then wash with clear water. This works well for stains and smells; club soda works similarly for stains.

– For a carpet and rug shampoo, mix a half cup mild dishwashing liquid and 2 cups boiling water; cool until it forms a jelly. Use an egg beater or mixer to whip into a foam. Put the foam on the soiled spot, sponge gently and let it sit. Rinse with clean water and a clean sponge; let dry. Vacuum.

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