Rescued pit bulls need help in Monroe County

By Ray Van Dusen/Monroe Journal

AMORY – Following a recent federal narcotics case in the county, authorities seized 50 animals, including horses, goats and 15 pit bulls among other breeds of dogs through a search warrant. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department contacted the Amory Animal Shelter to help acclimate the animals.

“We feel that the dogs were used as bait dogs and training dogs for pit bull fights. Pit bull fighting is a problem everywhere and we’ve heard concerns from local residents about them. If you feel like there’s a problem, don’t look the other way; report it to your local law enforcement agency or animal shelter. Anything you report is strictly confidential,” said Mitzie Smith, president of the Amory Humane Society.

The Amory Humane Society is working with Bama Bully Rescue as the organization is actively searching for foster homes to take in the pit bulls for rehabilitation. These dogs won’t be adopted until they’ve been completely cleared.

“This is a second chance for these dogs and we’re not judging them on their breed. Most of the time you find them to be human friendly, but you never know how they’ll react to other animals,” Smith said.

Because of the situation, the pit bulls won’t be available for adoption for Monroe County residents, but the humane society is asking for the help of anyone with rescue and rehabilitation of that breed to help socialize the dogs.

“With the other breeds we have from the seizure, it’s going to be a dog by dog basis as far as adoption, but they still all need people to help domesticate them. These are all human-friendly dogs, but unfortunately they’ve been trained to be aggressive against other animals,” Smith said.

Smith said anyone with questions regarding local pit bull laws should check with their city clerk.

“Every animal shelter needs help and not every single shelter has the same resources as the next one. Everyone in Monroe County should pitch in to help with the problem,” Smith said.

The Amory Humane Society is always open to monetary donations on site or via Paypal in addition to cleaning supplies and dog food. The humane society also accepts aluminum cans to help with its expenses. For additional information, call 256-7566, email or through its Facebook page.