Residents at center for disabled get dog

By The Associated Press

SENATOBIA — This year’s Christmas party at a Senatobia center for adults with intellectual disabilities was the happiest ever. The 159 residents got what they’ve wanted for years — a dog.

The Commercial Appeal reports that Santa brought Daisy, a 70-pound Labrador mix, to the Baddour Center this month.

Tricia Melvin, director of programs and residential services, says residents have been asking for a dog for years. She says they took care of a stray this summer, until its owner claimed it.

Daisy had been a rowdy puppy, and was trained to behave by inmates at Mark Luttrell Correction Center, in the Prison Puppies Achieving Worth Service program.

She was brought earlier this year for what residents were told was a therapeutic visit. It was a test. Everybody passed. Including Daisy.

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