Results please market vendors

By Dennis Seid/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – A renewed push to promote the Tupelo Furniture Market is paying dividends for several exhibitors.
With the fall market at its midway point, several exhibitors said they were pleased with the results.
Serta Mattress, which has a plant in Batesville, has seen a steady flow of traffic, said Sammy Mondello.
“We had some new beds to exhibit to our dealers and I had 10 of them see me,” he said. “We placed orders, so my expectations were met. We’ve done what we’ve needed to do. We’ll be back in February (for the spring market) doing the same thing.
“And we’re seeing people from all over. I had one come from Chicago.”
Among those visiting several vendors at the market was Theresia Perkins of T.H. Perkins Furniture in Brookhaven. The 125-year-old store has been coming to the Tupelo Furniture Market for years, and Perkins said she was pleased to see more vendors at the market.
“It’s easy to get to and easy to work,” she said of Tupelo. “I like what’s going on here.”
Southern Motion rolled out more colors and styles and pushed its special order program to buyers and retailers.
Jennifer Davis, the company’s director of merchandising, said the market has been “very good” for the Pontotoc-based manufacturer. “We’ve seen a lot of good customers, a lot of them being the top 100 largest in the country,” she said.
At Lane Furniture, which has facilities in Belden, Saltillo, Wren and Verona, traffic in Building VI where the company’s showroom is located was a little lighter than expected, said regional sales manager K.C. Greenwald.
“But the people are coming to write orders,” he said.
Cody Sewell of Dallas-based Aamp&C Imports is coming off one of his biggest markets in Tupelo in February and said the official opening day of the fall market Thursday was hectic. “Thursday we couldn’t write orders fast enough,” he said. “(Friday) has been slow. … it reminds me a lot of the spring market. We had a big turnout that Saturday, and I’m expecting that again today.”
Affordable Furniture of Houlka more than doubled its showroom to accommodate a growing customer base.
“It’s made a difference,” said Ron Teeter, the company’s vice president of marketing and merchandising. “The market has been awesome. Our traffic is 30 percent above last year. We couldn’t be happier.”

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