Robbers hit Dossett Big 4 again

By JB Clark I NEMS Daily Journal

The Dossett Big 4 car dealership on South Gloster Street was victimized for what Rudy Dossett III says is the fifth time in three months early Thursday morning.
One of the dealership’s employees was greeted by a Cadillac resting on an old tire and a scissor jack behind the pre-owned building near the back of the car lot.
Previously, the wheel thieves used cinder blocks to prop the cars up and the change in tactics makes Dossett wonder if the suspects are local thieves in this case.
Dossett said police informed him in the other robberies that the thieves were most likely from out of town, hitting multiple dealerships in one run.
Tupelo Police Chief Tony Carleton said many area dealership have been hit by wheel robbers but this incident appears to be isolated.
The lot is well lit – with multiple lights on all of the surrounding buildings and utility poles – and security cameras are installed around the lot too.
Police were still reviewing security tape Thursday morning.
The wheels on the Cadillac sold for $900 according to Dossett but that isn’t the only loss. The thieves took the wheels and left the car sitting on the lot, which could add more damage.
Dossett estimated the total cost of the robberies over the last three months will cost the dealership between $12,000 and $15,000.
“This affects the bottom line,” Dossett said. “We can’t continue to put it on our insurance because then our insurance will go up. We’re going to increase the lights back here.”
The dealership is offering a $2,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the robbers and recovery of stolen items.

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