Rooster attacked toddler, mother says

By The Associated Press

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (AP) — Ocean Springs Alderman Chic Cody says the city has to address the rooster issue once and for all.

Cody’s comments came Monday after a woman told the Mississippi Press ( that her 2-year-old daughter was scratched on the arm by one of the roosters last week.

It’s the seventh reported incident of a run-in between the roosters and children since November.

Sarah Fountain, the child’s mother, now wants the roosters confined or relocated and the city of Ocean Springs to cover her medical expenses.

“We need to decide about the roosters once and for all, one way or the other,” Cody said.

The board of aldermen meets Wednesday.

A flock of about 10 roosters showed up in July and seemed to belong to no one. Only 2 roosters — affectionately known as Carl and The General — are still alive and have become a novelty in the downtown area of Ocean Springs.

The roaming roosters attract onlookers that feed and photograph them. Carl has Facebook and Twitter pages that list rooster sightings, photographs. The General has also jumped in the social media action with a Facebook page.

There are at least seven animal control incident reports since November depicting children who were scratched or chased by the yard birds.

“As you can see, it’s a safety concern for the public as well as the roosters,” Cody said.

Fountain, who lives in St. Martin, said she and her husband keep hens and roosters and the bids should be kept in an enclosure.

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