Ross: No SS change for 55 and over

By NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – Republican congressional candidate Henry Ross, in a letter to the Daily Journal on Thursday, emphasized his position that there should be no change to Social Security and Medicare for people 55 and over.
In an editorial board interview reported in Wednesday’s Journal, Ross said he would allow people to place some of their Social Security payments into a private retirement account.
“Your article failed, however, to report my statement that for those age 55 years and older, there should be no changes …,” Ross wrote.
The letter also took issue with incumbent Congressman Alan Nunnelee’s statements about his voting record. He contends Nunnelee votes for GOP leadership compromises with Democrats that become law – such as raising the debt ceiling – but campaigns on “meaningless” votes on measures that “no one expected” to become law because they wouldn’t pass the Senate.
When contacted, Nunnelee said the idea that his votes were meaningless “is a slap in the face to the American people and to those of us up here working to try and get ‘ObamaCare’ off the books.”