Runoff likely for Ripley mayor

By Hank Wiesner

RIPLEY – Voters thinned a nine-man mayoral field to two Tuesday despite election problems earlier in the day, according to virtually complete but unofficial election results.

Tuesday’s results may set up a runoff Tuesday, Feb, 28 between Chris Marsalis and Breat Tye, who had the two highest vote totals Tuesday.

Tye outpolled Marsalis 256-244.

There are 27 affidavit votes which will be counted Wednesday morning.

Tye said he would wait until the affidavit votes are counted before deciding whether to challenge the results of the election.

Tye, whose name was left off a ballot used by electronic voting machines when the election began at 7 a.m. Tuesday.

An hour into the voting, Tye noticed his name wasn’t on the ballot. City election officials quickly conferred, then opted to use paper ballots and continue the election.

Listed alphabetically, here are the unofficial vote totals from Tuesday’s election: Joe Akins, 60; Charles Braddock, 138; Lewis Davis, 216; Jon Grisham, 202; Jerrell Lewellen, 131; Chris Marsalis, 244; Benjamin “Ben” Ridge, 55; Matthew Smart, 28; and Tye, 256.

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