Rural firefighting contract being updated in Clay County

By The Associated Press

WEST POINT — The state of Mississippi has directed Clay County to update contract with seven volunteer fire departments so they can receive money to operate.

Board of Supervisors attorney Bob Marshall tells the Daily Times Leader that the proposed contract from the Mississippi Fire Coordinator’s Office is more detailed than the county’s current volunteer fire service contract.

Officials say the proposed contract has a new job description for the county’s fire coordinator and requires details on services the county provides to each volunteer fire department including gasoline, fire trucks and a fire department building.

The county also gives volunteer firefighters discounts on their tags, workers compensation from injuries on the job and a supplemental accident policy, which provides income to injured volunteer firefighters who are off work for a prolonged period of time.

Officials said until the new contract is signed by the board and all seven volunteer fire department chiefs, the county can’t receive or distribute fire insurance rebate money or any other funds related to volunteer fire services.

Rebate money usually comes in to the county around Aug. 1, but the county expects to receive $46,000 in rebate money for this year.

Each volunteer fire department also must submit its run reports to the Fire Coordinator’s Office.

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